Voice Alarm Rack


At MSI Audio Systems we specialise in installed audio systems. These include public address & voice alarm (PAVA), emergency voice communications, and systems for the hard of hearing.

Public Address & Voice Alarm (PAVA)

Public address systems are speaker systems commonly used for paging, broadcasting music or communicating information. Voice alarm and emergency sound systems are usually linked to the fire detection system and take the place of the sounders.

We can ensure that sound systems meet the public address needs of the user without compromising its voice alarm integrity.

Emergency Voice Communications

Emergency voice communications is one-to-one communication across premises to a central location such as a disabled refuge or fire telephones. These systems must have high integrity, be monitored and comply with codes and standards. We have an in-depth knowledge of these systems allowing us to provide the best solution.

Systems for the Hard of Hearing

Induction loop (AFILS) or infrared systems are used for the hard of hearing.

MSI is a member of the Institute of Sound and Communications AFILS Assessment Scheme. We are able to install induction loop systems compliant with BS EN 60118-4 and BS 7594. We can also assess existing induction loop systems which may have proved unsatisfactory and recommend solutions.

Complex & Integrated Systems and Custom solutions

Many venues have specialist needs that are not readily met by standard off the shelf products. At MSI we have extensive experience in putting together and programming complex systems and advising on the upgrading of legacy or obsolete systems. We can work with a variety of manufacturers’ products which allows us to implement solutions that are tailored to your requirements.

We can provide customised products where there is a need.